Sustainable service for all and good governance


24 July 2023, Monday | Written by: Jozini Municipality


uMkuze Town,

– A highly successful clean-up campaign was held in uMkuze Town today, bringing together Councillors, officials, EPWP workers, and the dedicated waste management team. The event witnessed the joint efforts of all participants in making uMkuze a cleaner and more sustainable community.


Municipal Manager Mr JA Mngomezulu expressed heartfelt appreciation for the whole staff’s active involvement in the campaign. Their dedication and hard work were instrumental in ensuring the success of this endeavor.


Deputy Mayor [Miss NR Zulu] conveyed gratitude to the community members and Councillors for honoring the day with their valuable presence. Their active participation demonstrated a strong commitment to maintaining a clean and healthy environment for all.


The aim of the clean-up campaign was to create a significant impact on the overall cleanliness and environmental health of uMkuze Town. By uniting under a common goal, the participants showcased the power of community collaboration in tackling waste management challenges.


Throughout the day, the dedicated team of waste management professionals, along with volunteers, diligently collected litter and sorted recyclables.


The clean-up campaign served as a reminder that keeping our environment clean is not a one-time effort but an ongoing responsibility that requires the collective dedication of all stakeholders.


The Municipal Manager and the Deputy Mayor [on behalf of His Worship the Mayor Cllr Mfananaye Mathe] commend everyone who took part in this clean-up campaign. Your dedication and passion for creating a cleaner and greener uMkuze Town are truly commendable.


This event marks just the beginning of a continuous effort to promote environmental consciousness and sustainable waste management practices in our community. Together, we will strive to maintain the beauty and integrity of uMkuze for generations to come.