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Jozini local municipality empowers its small-scale farmers to boost food security and lower food prices

4 March 2023, Saturday | Written by: Jozini Municipality

Jozini local municipality empowers its small-scale farmers to boost food security and lower food prices.

Jozini – In times of soaring food prices and a growing threat of food insecurity for many households across South Africa, the Jozini local municipality under the leadership of Honourable Mayor, Councillor Mfananaye Mathe, decided to timely counter the crisis by empowering small-scale farmers under its jurisdiction.

Mathe and his municipality gave farming implements to emerging farmers with the aim of helping them to improve their yield and sell it to the local market at a lower price. It is known that high fuel costs push up food prices, and, Mathe believes that if food is produced locally and sold before incurring transport costs, the prices would be suppressed and suffocated consumers will breathe a sigh of relief.

It was for that reason Mathe and the municipality gave them seedlings, water pumps for low-scale irrigation, chicks for poultry farming and many other farming pieces of equipment like pipes and chick-hatching facilities.

The farming equipment was given to over 100 recipients that came from Jozini local municipality’s 23 wards.

The request for these farming inputs was made to the municipality when it crisscrossed its wards to take inputs from its citizens during its IDP (Integrated Development Plan) roadshows where it became clear that food security was the most urgent need for most residents of Jozini.

Mathe promptly got the message and with the belief that for him to create and lead a stable municipality conducive to development and investment, he acceded to the request.

The jubilant recipients could not contain their joy on the day.

Mathe told them: “Go and change your lives, as the Jozini Local Municipality, under my leadership we will always listen to you and respond accordingly.”

The Honourable Mayor also thanked all Honourable Councillors of the Jozini Local Municipality for their attendance and unwavering support.

Furthermore, he thanked the Municipal Manager, Mr Jaconia Agripa Mngomezulu for being the cog that makes the municipality function and delivers.

Mayor Mathe mentioned that it is the excellent working relationship that makes it possible for the community to get swift service delivery.

His worship Mayor also gave Mr Sabelo Mabaso and his team from LED (Local Economic Development) unit a pat on the back for making the day a huge success. He stressed that this has helped in fulfilling the promises of service made to the people when they took office in November 2021 and promised to diligently and honestly work for the people.