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Pongola now officially placed under Jozini Municipality

12 June 2022, Sunday | Written by: Jozini Municipality

Yesterday, the Jozini Municipality under the leadership of the Honorable Mayor MfanaNaye Maye finally reached an agreement with the Pongola Municipality after years of negotiations …. the former Ward 21 (Mavela) and 20 (Mkuze) areas that fell under the Pongola Municipality have been officially transferred to the Jozini Municipality.

These areas affect the Nkonkoni right-hand side, up Mavela along the Jozini dam, and then Senekal Capital’s sugarcane farm up to the dumping ground up the Bombo Mountains … all these areas are no longer under Pongola and now officially belong to Jozini, leaving Nkonkoni to connect the King of the Gumbi village, with the soon-to-be-renamed Jozini Dam known as Pongola (Pongolapoort Dam) then falls under Pongola Municipality.

Pongola now officially placed under Jozini Municipality3