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20 November 2023, Monday | Written by: Scelo Siyabonga Gumbi

THURSDAY 02/11/2023 – The Jozini Local Municipality led by His Worship the Mayor Cllr. Mfananaye Mathe concluded a successful three-day meeting with Property Rates Payers. This collaborative effort served as a significant platform for dialogue and engagement between the municipality and its esteemed local property owners. 

Three days meetings took place in three different locations under Jozini Lical Municipality

1. 30 October 2023 – Ghost Mountain Inn (For uBombo & Mkhuze Towns & Surroundings)

2. 31 October 2023 – Jozini Tiger Lodge (For Jozini Town & Surroundings)

3. 01 November 2023- eMganwini Lodge (For Ndumo, Ingwavuma, Bhambanana Towns & surroundings)

Property Rates Payers expressed their appreciation to the Jozini Local Municipality for creating this valuable space for discussion. They extended their gratitude for the opportunity to raise concerns and discuss matters that are close to their hearts regarding Jozini.

Municipal Manager Mr JA Mngomezulu and Executive Directors presented on a range of topics during these sessions, paying close attention to the questions and comments raised by the Property Rates Payers. The interactive discussions allowed for a meaningful exchange of ideas and information.

In response to the positive engagement during this meeting, the Municipal Manager expressed his commitment to ensuring that such opportunities will be made available again in the very near future. This dedication to ongoing dialogue reflects the municipality’s strong commitment to working collaboratively with its residents.

This harmonious collaboration between the Jozini Local Municipality and Property Rates Payers exemplifies the spirit of unity and progress within our community. It reinforces our shared mission to address challenges, find solutions, and continue building a prosperous future for Jozini.

The Jozini Local Municipality extends its appreciation to all Property Rates Payers for their active involvement, and we eagerly anticipate future opportunities for further constructive interactions.

Finally, the Municipal Manager further encouraged all Property Owners to honour their obligations in terms of the Municipal Property Rates Act (MPRA) and must continue to engage with our capable Revenue Team where they require further details and support.